Top Five Things That Go Against Poker Etiquette

Like other casino games, poker also has its own rules of proper decorum. Some of these rules are pretty much the same with the other games while others are specific to poker itself. Breaking the rules of poker etiquette is a great to bring down disgust. Sometimes we break these rules by accident, but committing the same mistakes every now and then is another story.

What we have below are the top five things that go against poker etiquette. Break all five and you will have everyone on the poker table foaming mad. The rules on proper decorum and protocol are there to keep the peace and to make sure everyone enjoys the game.

The following are the top five things that go against poker etiquette.

The worst thing that any player can do is to reveal their cards while they are in the hand. Some casinos will charge you with a penalty while some don't, but the smart player won't even have the tenacity to find out which one does. Regardless of whether you'll pay a fee or not, breaking this rule on poker etiquette is a show of poor manners.

The second worst thing you can ever do is to react to the things happening in the game. Any reaction, be it a hanging jaw, tapping your chair nervously, or even banging your head on the table can be interpreted to mean something related to the course of the game. This gets worse if you have folded and give yourself away by showing obvious reactions to the cards that show up on the table. Breaking this rule on poker etiquette is almost as bad as showing your cards.

One quick way to attract attention is to bully another player. Verbal abuse will really do you no good in poker. You are not only being mean to the other guy, you are buying yourself a ticket out the door. Small critiques and bits of sarcasm will invite a few sneers from other players.

The fourth way to go against poker etiquette is to blame the dealer. Not only is this accusation inaccurate, it is also an accusation of cheating. Technically, there is no way for a dealer to control which cards go to which player, unless he is cheating.

The last way to break the poker rules on decorum would be to talk about your hand or give advice to other players after you fold. When you're no longer in the hand you're not supposed to talk about your cards or aid those who are still playing.

Players are expected to abide by the rules of proper decorum as they play poker. It is a way to show respect to everyone else playing with you.

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