The Various Hands in Poker

Poker has slowly become a popular game among all generations. It has evolved from being a gentleman's game to a past time for male buddies and to even a means to raise funds for charity.

To play poker, it takes skill, luck and know-how. Skill can be gained through experience. Luck is something that comes and goes. And well, when playing poker one should at least know what hand will make them win the game.

A hand is composed of five cards either dealt by the dealer to the player or dealt on the table for everyone else's use. How good the hand one is holding compared to the other players determine who wins the game.

The most basic hand in poker is the high card. For example, if the five cards one is holding is a five, ten, jack, two and a king of varied suits, the high card is the king. If another player's high card is an ace, the king is defeated. If another player's high card is a ten, the king beats the ten.

A pair follows the high card. A pair consists of two cards that have the same value. A pair of jacks is higher than a pair of nines and so forth. The other three cards only become valuable when two players are holding the same pair. The hand with the highest card in the remaining three cards defeats the other player with the same pair.

Higher than a pair would be a two pair. This just means the hand consists of two different pairs. The remaining card is also valuable when another player also has the same pairs. The hand with a fifth card of the higher value wins the round.

A trio beats a two pair. A trio or a three of a kind is composed of three cards of the same value. The two remaining cards are of different value. Three aces beats three jacks. A trio consisting of three twos beats a two pair of kings and aces.

After the trio is a straight. A straight is five cards of ascending order of varied suits. It can be a five, six, seven, eight and a nine. The highest straight is a ten, jack, queen, king and an ace.

A straight is defeated by a flush. Five cards of different values but of the same suit is a flush. A hand with five hearts regardless of the value can defeat a high card, a pair, a two pair, a three of a kind and a straight in a round of poker.

A three of a kind and a pair combine to form a full house. This defeats a flush. In a round where two players both have a full house, the player with the three of a kind of a higher value wins the round.

One of the rarest hands a poker player could hold is a four of a kind. The player has all the cards of the same value and of the four suits. The fifth card could be of any value and of any suit. A four of a kind beats a full house in any game.

For lucky and skilled players, a straight flush is a hand that defeats the four of a kind. It is a straight with all five cards in the same suit. A five, six, seven, eight and a nine of diamonds can beat four aces to win the round.

The highest hand in poker is the royal flush. A royal flush is composed of five cards. These cards are an ace, king, queen, jack and ten all of the same suit. It is very rare to get a royal flush in a game of poker. But once a royal flush is played, it is unbeatable.

The various hands in poker are the following in ascending order. A high card, pair, two pair, three of a kind, straight, flush, full house, four of a kind, straight flush and a royal flush are the hands in a poker game. Familiarizing oneself with these hands is pretty easy. Now, with a little more skill and a ton of luck, one could become a master in the game.

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