Strong Hand and Weak Hand Poker 'Tells'

Poker 'tells' are player behaviors that give away information on the kind of hands they have. Good poker players will read their opponents through their betting styles and poker 'tells' so they can react accordingly. So what 'tells' give away information that an opponent either has a strong hand or a weak hand in the game?

One good 'tell' of a strong hand is being nervous. These include anxious eyes, trembling hands and quick breathing, among other things. When you see a player who's checking out their chip stack and whose hands are shaking, that player most likely has a strong hand. That player's head may be reeling with anticipation and excitement at that point so you'll see their eyes going back and forth from their hole cards to their chip stack.

Also, when a player is excited about their poker hand, watch out for the rise and fall of the chest. Quick breathing is almost always an uncontrollable reaction to excitement unlike roaming eyes which can easily be kept at bay.

Another 'tell' of a strong hand are the signs of being uninterested. One of the well-known tactics of poker acting is to portray the opposite conventional behavior in relation to one's cards. So, if one acts uninterested like shrugging one's shoulders and sighing, but still remains in the game, that player must have a good poker hand.

On the other hand, poker 'tells' of a weak hand are very much associated with bluffing. Because conventionally, when player receives a weak hand, they would've folded without thinking twice.

Another poker 'tell' that you would expect with a weak hand is playing aggressively and acting out as if their hand is strong. One would sit up straight and would look at you straight in the eye without faltering. Acting out coolness and confidence is intended to intimidate other players to imply that they don't have a chance.

Poker 'tells' are used by players to read other players out. 'Tells' of a strong hand include trembling hands, anxious eyes, quick breathing, or acting uninterested. And 'tells' of a weak hand include bluffing and acting out behaviors of confidence without faltering. More importantly, while beginners may not be too dedicated on keeping these 'tells' at bay, more experienced players may send out misleading 'tells' to keep you in check. So while you're keeping an eye out on these poker 'tells', make sure you know whether your playing with novices or pros to make the right call.

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