Poker Site Review: Doyle's Room

Poker great Doyle Brunson aptly operates a competitive Poker arena that fans and players alike love frequenting to. It boasts of quite a popular set of players. Among them are Nicky Hilton, Kevin Conololly, Pamela Anderson, Mike Caro, Todd Brunson, Cyndy Violette, and Doyle himself. If you think that is about the main attraction of Doyle's Room, think again!

Doyle's Room is frequented for its interesting set of tournaments that provide the opportunity for any daring players to cash in. The bounty tournament, which is a favorite among new users, is a sure magnet. It only requires a player to deposit $55 on his account to enter. That amount is instantly put back in to your account once the game is over. Bounty tournaments have more than 100 tables at play at the same time. Standard Poker rules are used in this kind of tournament, just like in any other tournament. There are three bounties (celeb or Poker pro) that you need to defeat to get yourself near the cash prize.

While they are seriously into the game, Poker professionals and celebrities are also available for advice. They would easily get out of their way to give a hand if you need one. They mostly move around a lot but If you want to get hold of their schedules, that can be made accessible to you as well.

Its superstar qualities aside, Doyle's Room is patronized for its impressive rewards and bonuses that are unsurpassed by many other Poker sites in operation. For starter, it offers a 110% signup bonus. Doyle's Room also boasts of varied game options. No matter what you fancy, whether it is a game of Omaha, Hold'em or Seven-Card Stud in limit, pot limit, and no limit options, you will surely find it here. There are also other exciting games available. Each is cut out to offer the ultimate satisfaction to every player whether he is a fun or money player.

The physical attributes of Doyle's Room is pretty commendable as well. The game software carries amazing feature that make each and every game as enjoyable as possible. It is both functional and entertaining, obviously not giving you any dull moment in the process. Aside from that, there is an email support that is ready anytime to attend to your concerns. Experiencing any problem with the game, the game software, and money matters should not be a big deal because it can be answered directly by the people on standby. Doyle's Rooms sure offers the best of the best as a fitting tribute to one of the best Poker players ever known to mankind.

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